Change-log appears for Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s September firmware update

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Wondering what it is that Microsoft changed in its recent September 29 Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update? Well do so no more, as the software giant has now upended its files and folders and showered us with information in a full blown changelog. Unlike several firmware updates in the past, this isn’t just a quick one or two tweaks, but quite an extensive list of change-ups, which should give those hankering for some big improvements something to smile about.

For starters, the update to the system aggregator firmware should improve boot time and further enforce system stability when it’s in docking mode. The wireless network controller and the Bluetooth driver have also been bolstered, improving the overall wireless networking and connectivity of the average Surface Pro 3.

Some Surface Pro 3 users had faced a problem where, after spending some time setting up a customized power plan, perfectly catering to their needs whilst making sure the two-in-one stayed as energy efficient as possible, they would find their plan wiped as soon as they applied a Windows update. Since that’s understandably frustrating and not an intentional part of the Windows experience, Microsoft has now patched that out.

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Two other improvements include an update to the docking station audio device driver, which should give higher sound quality whilst using the on-board speakers during the docking experience, and a system stability boost thanks to an update to the management engine interface driver.

If you own a Surface Pro 3 that has rebooted at some point in the past couple of days, chances are you already have the new firmware. However, if not, you can always run your own update manually through Windows Update.

And if you have installed the new firmware upgrade on your Surface Pro 3, did you find it made a noticeable difference in use?