Firefox 4 launch date slips to early 2011

Firefox 4If you thought you were mere weeks away from the latest and (finally) full-featured beta version of Firefox, you will be sorely disappointed.

Mozilla vice president of engineering Mike Beltzner said in a blog post that while Firefox 4 will be a more than competent browser, “completing this work is taking longer than initial estimates indicated as we track down regression and sources of instability.”

Beltzner focuses on assuring users that the end product will be worth the wait – which will now be in early 2011. In addition to a new look, the open-source browser’s forthcoming product will feature the ability to support HTML 5, improved plugin customization options, hardware-accelerated graphics and HD video, and better compatibility with touchscreens. Firefox has promised a lot in its updates and hopefully is able to deliver soon without losing users to competing browsers.