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Firefox turns 100 as it struggles to make a comeback

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser has been updated to its 100th version as of May 3, introducing new features, including an improved picture-in-picture mode, subtitles and captions, wallpapers for mobile users, and an HTTPS-first setting, TechRadar noted.

While Mozilla has been fairly consistent in the technological development of its browser since its debut in 2004, Firefox’s overall user base remains small in comparison to major players such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.

March 2002 browser active user stats by statcounter
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Recent data from Statcounter indicates that Microsoft Edge has now surpassed Safari in terms of users as of March 2022, with Edge at 10.07% and Safari at 9.61%. Firefox now rounds out the top four most-used browsers at 7.86%. The browser was neck and neck with Safari in February, but suddenly lost users in the most recent month. It is uncertain whether the users switched to a new browser, such as Chrome or Edge.

Overall, Microsoft Edge is the main browser that has seen a boost in users between February and March. Even Google Chrome, which has the most users by far at nearly 70%, saw a slight dip of about 0.7%.

Firefox 100: Building a better internet since 2004

Firefox has long been an innovative brand, having established the concept of tabs on web browsers since its inception, back when Internet Explorer was still one of its competitors. Today, tabs are a commonplace feature on all browsers.

While Firefox has played and continues to play a major part in software development, the browser itself has lagged behind because of competition from large brands with matching marketing budgets, TechRadar added.

However, the truth often comes out in user satisfaction. Microsoft was forced to retire its original Internet Explorer in favor of a completely revamped Microsoft Edge after years of security complaints. In February, Apple evangelists heard harsh truths about what users thought of the Safari browser.

Various issues with the top browsers have led users to seek out other options, which can always leave room for Firefox to gain a bigger following.

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