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Floppy disk table will definitely puzzle your grandchildren

The floppy disk is a long expired form of tech ever since CDs and USB sticks came into the picture. It’s up there with the likes of VHS and cassettes – all of which are old and tired ‘gadgets’ that provide traces of our technological past. It’s a shame your grandchildren (or my children, for that matter) will never understand the beauty in this Floppytable. Modeled after our beloved, pre-cambrian storage medium, the Floppytable is a $940 table designed to look like a giant-sized disk – complete with the sliding shutter that reveals a hidden compartment underneath.

The retro 26-foot long coffee table is a product of Berlin-based design firm Neulant van Exel. Designers clearly have details down to a tee, carving in the arrow signifying the right insertion side right onto the table surface. The table is also made of hot-rolled steel to add sturdiness – a big upgrade from your average plastic floppy that you probably double as coasters or paper weight. It’s a shame the Floppytable won’t be able to store any memory unless you hide some photo albums under that table compartment.

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The official website to order the Floppytable doesn’t provide many details except that you can definitely own one if you can afford the hefty price tag. Yep, that near $1,000 price tag is already a part of a Christmas sale, not including shipping. So, if you’re still looking for gift ideas that’ll bring back tons of technological nostalgia, or if you want to confuse the heck out of the next generation, keep Floppytable around to remind your kids of how far tech has come. Touchscreen tablets and wireless streaming didn’t happen overnight, okay?

[GIF via Gizmag]

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