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GoDaddy CEO’s elephant hunting video ignites controversy

GoDaddy is facing a storm of controversy after a video surfaced on the Internet on Thursday that shows its CEO Bob Parsons shooting and killing an elephant while on a recent hunting trip in Zimbabwe. That video has prompted a storm of outrage and has likely damaged GoDaddy’s brand — at least for the moment.

And at least one of GoDaddy’s competitors is trying to capitalize on the Internet’s outrage. Namecheap is offering $4.99 domain transfers that includes a $1 donation to PETA has (predictably) come out against Parsons with a campaign encouraging people to close their accounts with GoDaddy.

Parsons sees his annual hunting trip as a humanitarian mission. He’s helping get rid of elephants that damage farmers’ crops while also providing Zimbabwe villagers with a needed source of protein.

“I’m not ashamed of what I did,” Parsons told myFoxPhoenix Tuesday. “All these people that are complaining that this shouldn’t happen, that these people who are starving to death otherwise shouldn’t eat these elephants, you probably see them driving through at McDonald’s or cutting a steak. These people [Zimbabwe villagers] don’t have that option.”

Whether you agree with Parson or not, the video, featuring a soundtrack of AC/DC’s “Hell Bells” at one point, fails to make a strong case that his actions were indeed “humanitarian” in nature. You can see the video below. But be warned, it’s graphic in parts.

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