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‘More wood behind fewer arrows’: Google to shutdown Google Labs

Google is moving ahead with a refocusing effort by dropping its product-testing branch, Google Labs.

CNN now streaming 24-hour live news to iPads and iPhones

CNN claims it has become "the first news organization to stream its linear television channels online and on mobile devices" -- but users must already subscribe to a cable or satellite TV plan in order to access the feed.

Google announces record revenues, sends shares soaring

Riding high on the intial success of Google+, Google CEO Larry Page announced today that his company achieved a record setting second quarter.
Social Media

Zuckerberg, Google execs go private on Google+

In a move dripping in irony, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has decided to embrace privacy on his Google+ profile.

Facebook launches ‘Every Phone’ app

Facebook is trying to secure its standing among mobile users with a new app that's intended for the world's majority non-smartphone users.

Report: Spotify to launch as invite-only in the U.S. this week

Any day now, Spotify will make its way across the Atlantic, bringing its music subscription service to the U.S.