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Google+ awaiting Apple’s approval for release in iOS App Store

Google +An iOS version of Google’s just-launched social network Google+ is in the midst of Apple’s approval process, which will determine if the app will see a formal release in the App Store sometime in the near future. The app was submitted “sometime prior today,” according to a Google+ announcement made today by Erica Joy, a Google support technician.

Google announced last week that a Google+ mobile app was already available in the Android Marketplace and that an iOS version was “coming soon.” How soon, however, is entirely up to Apple at this point. Google in the past has faced some difficulty in receiving Apple’s blessing when it comes to its app submissions. Google Latitude, a location-based app, became mired in Apple’s approval process for nearly a year before it was finally released last December. Google Voice also faced significant delays before being released late in 2010.

Earlier today,  it was revealed that Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is currently the most followed person on Google+, beating out Google’s own CEO Larry Page. Google+ is seen as the most serious challenger to Facebook’s dominance of the social networking world.

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