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Google is offering a new generation of education-oriented Chromebooks

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We’ve come a long way since the days of teachers taking away our smartphones in class. Rather, with the help of Google, schools are embracing technology more than ever. And now, noting the “global Chromebook momentum” in a blog post celebrating the success of educational technology in Sweden, Google has announced a new generation of Chromebooks for Education.

“These versatile devices bring even more mobility to a wider range of classrooms worldwide,” wrote Ross Mahon, Google for Education’s Nordics regional manager and Jason Wong, a product manager, “including in the U.S. where, according to Futuresource data, Chromebooks reached 58 percent of device sales in 2016.”

Across the world, more than 20 million teachers and students are now making use of Chromebooks, while more than 70 million use G Suite for Education. These numbers, Google hopes, will only increase with the announcement of the HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 Education Edition, which will be made available in mid-April.

The 360-degree convertible Chromebook is said to feature USB-CTM charging, an optional stylus, and world-facing camera capabilities meant to address the unique needs of educational institutions. And because these devices are meant to be “rugged,” they should be able to withstand even the toughest school conditions.

 The main goal of this new hardware, as well as the software it contains, is to “help evolve technology usage into one that is anchored in student content creation,” Google noted. Already, creative apps on Chromebooks can be purchased in Sweden and other countries in Europe for a discounted rate, while Chromebook administrations now have the option of approving a library of Android apps and installing them on certain managed Chromebooks.

“The role of technology in education will continue to grow in 2017 as students and teachers share their stories of digital success across the world,” Google concluded. “We’re proud to see Chromebooks at the center of this transformation, powering global classrooms into the future.”

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