Hard Candy Cases Hit the MacBook

Hard Candy Cases is a newcomer to the computer peripheral and accessory market, and has focused on providing snap-on protective cases for Acer and Asus netbooks. Now the company is venturing into the Apple orchard, announcing new snap-on Bubble Shell cases for Apple’s new 13-inch polycarbonate unibody MacBook and for Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Hard Candy Bubble Shell (MacBook)

The Bubble Shell cases consist of hard polycarbonate cases that snap on to the top and bottom of the computer, protecting it from dust, scratches, and general abuse. The cases are available in a variety of colors (clear, white, black, pink, red, and blue), are designed to allow complete port access, and feature vents to ensure adequate airflow for cooling.

“Hard Candy Cases is the first company to create model-specific protective outerwear for the recently announced MacBook 13-inch computers, even beating to market computer accessory company Incase,” said Hard Candy Cases CEO Tim Hickman, in a statement. “For MacBook shoppers looking for style and reliability, Hard Candy Cases is the must-have accessory to protect their recent holiday purchase.”

The Macbook Hard Candy Cases carry a suggested price of $49.95 and will soon be landing out retailers; the company plans to introduce ruggedized versions in the coming months. Hard Candy Bubble Shell cases for netbooks carry a suggested price of $34.95.

Hard Candy Bubble Shell (MacBook)