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HELCY is a laptop case that wants to fix your back problems

helcy is a laptop case that wants to fix your back problems img 6053
If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a million hours a day clicking away at your keyboard and making nonsense appear on your screen. Unfortunately, all of that work can become a liability if your spine feels like it’s perpetually eroding. That’s where products like HELCY, the Healthy Ergonomic Laptop Case for You, come in.

Last year, we reported on the Roost laptop stand, which was designed to eliminate Repetitive Stress Injuries for laptop users constantly hunched over a screen. And, while that was an interesting prospect (and not to mention a crowdfunding success), HELCY claims to take it a step further, saying its the “only laptop bag that improves your posture.”

Not only does it help with back pain and RSIs, but it even doubles as both a laptop case and stand.

Using a pair of leather carrying straps, HELCY appears to bend to an adjustable height, emulating the utility of a laptop stand. Unfortunately, seeing as it’s a case and not a stand, you might expect it to look frivolous during real-world use. But, contrarily, its subtle appearance might even give it an edge on traditional laptop stands.


The only notable setback that immediately stands out for HELCY, although this extends to other laptop stands like it, is the requirement of an additional mouse and keyboard other than the ones already built in to your computer. While using it may reduce aches, carrying it and the required peripherals around will be a hassle.

Even so, HELCY has apparently received some actual medical recognition, according to its Kickstarter page, which lists an endorsement from Orthopedist and German American Association of Osteopathy member Dr. Heilmann.

“Bad posture can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury syndrome, which causes muscle tensions, back pain and [headaches],” Heilmann explains. “HELCY improves your posture, your health and your happiness as well as saves you from chronic pain.”

HELCY comes from German founder Amanda Birkenholz as a product of Helcy Productive Designs. Interestingly enough, she herself experienced neck and back pain, presumably from everyday laptop use, resulting in this invention.

The Kickstarter, which suggests a June 2016 release frame, is aiming for a funding target of €17,000 (about $19,200 in US dollars)

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