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Gabe Carey

Gabe Carey

Former Digital Trends Contributor

A freelancer for Digital Trends, Gabe Carey has been covering the intersection of video games and technology since he was 16. Since then, he’s developed obsessions with building computers, hoarding USB-C dongles, and buying everything in Rose Gold.

Twitch Live Streaming Video Gaming.

How to record Twitch streams for later viewing on a PC

Do you want to record your Twitch streams for later viewing or sharing? No problem. Here are several ways to do it and which may work best for your situation!
halo wars 2 beginners guide 15

Halo Wars 2 tips, tricks, and strategies

Whether you're playing for the story or the frantic multiplayer, these tips and strategies will aid RTS newcomers with getting the hang of Halo Wars 2.
Xbox One S

How to play Xbox One games on your PC

The Xbox platform now reaches beyond the console. Now, you can stream and natively play games on your computer. Here's how to play Xbox One games on your PC.
chromebook pixel is real and on sale today includes touchscreen retina display google thumb

Your Chromebook could soon be easier on the eyes when used in the dark

With over 25 million Chromebook users out in the open, a dark mode is long past due, but is this yet another tease that Google will deny?
mario theme song playing 8 bit cpu will take nostalgia trip breadboard

This homemade 8-bit computer could finally pose a challenge to Intel's 8008 CPU

It surely won't run Crysis, but this throwback breadboard CPU was made by one guy working on it from home in a matter of only nine days.
safer internet day wants make world better place online youth dtdeals apple back to school promotion

Safer Internet Day wants to make the world a better place for online youth

The European Commission has kicked off its annual Safer Internet Day once again, this time boasting the theme “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you."
hp aims impress vr developers new z4 workstation options

VR developers will soon be able to make their friends jealous with the Core i9-equipped HP Z4

HP has announced plans to release new configuration options for its Z4 workstation PC, complete with Intel Core X-series processors and a new spin on its own Windows Mixed Reality headset.
1298138 autosave v1 3 xps 15 touch 2 in 1  notebooks

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 vs. Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 yields huge performance for a low price tag, but let's see if it stacks up against the Microsoft Surface Book 2?
HP EliteBook x360

HP’s 15-inch Spectre x360 comes with standard 4K display, Elitebook x360 packs 16-hour battery

Ahead of its CES 2017 presence, HP has showcased an entire lineup of PCs and peripherals including a new 15-inch Spectre x360, and even a curved monitor.
FedEx Van delivering shipments on a city street.

FedEx is paying people to use Adobe Flash for Office Print service

Need something printed from the comfort of your web browser? As long as you install Adobe Flash, FedEx will give you a $5 voucher to spend.
how ccp games went from making a space shooter to vr sports sparc interview 3

From Eve to Sparc: Why CCP Games is making its own VR sport

At GDC last week, we sat down with executive producer Morgan Godat to find out how CCP Games is making its own sport in VR.
razer zvault min liang tan ceo 1200x630 c 2

Razer’s zVault virtual currency promises a unified solution for gaming purchases

No, it's not a shiny new PC, mouse, or keyboard, but instead Razer is focused on something a bit more financial with its zVault platform.
halo wars definitive edition first impressions halowars2 screen 05

7 years later, does ‘Halo Wars’ need a mouse and keyboard after all?

We went hands-on with Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, but did 343 Industries give the long-anticipated PC port the treatment it deserves?
vrge kickstarter vr dock 5

Meet VRGE, the posh virtual reality dock that charges your headset

If you're looking for a subtle means of storing your virtual reality headset when it's not in use, look no further than VRGE's solution.
ea goes hollywood decides skip e3 second year favor play 2017 electronic arts showcase presentation

EA reveals that it's passing on E3 this year, opting for EA Play 2017 instead

For the second year in a row, EA isn't showing up at E3, opting instead to host its own event the company calls EA Play 2017.
Titanfall 2 review

Respawn is gracing Titanfall 2 with new maps, Pilot-only Live Fire mode

Titanfall 2 is getting rid of Titans altogether in a new mode called Live Fire that fuses Team Deathmatch with Capture the flag.
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has revealed a price and release date for the Switch

Nintendo has, at long last, unveiled the release date and price of its next console-handheld hybrid, the Switch – Joy-Cons and all.
intel delays launch of its oncue over the top tv service logo

Intel makes its Pentium processors more appetizing with Hyper-Threading

The Intel Pentium name may not mean much to you now, but Hyper-Threading is about to make the series much more attractive.
htc vive port tracker ces 2017 wireless kit 0001

There's no HTC Vive 2 (yet), but a wireless upgrade and new peripherals are incoming

At its CES 2017 showing, HTC gave us the rundown on all of the latest Vive developments, including wireless adaptors and a subscription service for apps.
digital storm bolt x ces 2017 1 main profile copy

The new Digital Storm Bolt X proves small PCs can pack serious performance

Revealed at CES 2017, the Digital Storm Bolt X differentiates itself from other pre-built PC designs on the market by introducing a unique cooling approach.

No, ‘Persona 5’ is not coming to the Switch or PC — for real this time

A PR manager for Atlus confirmed that the company's partnership with Nintendo for the Switch entails neither Yakuza 0 nor Persona 5.
this parkour video shows what super mario run would look like in real life 4k

Is this real life? This video shows what Super Mario Run would look like in person

Super Mario Run may be in its youth, but that hasn't stopped fans from making their automatic running dreams a reality.
patent suggests microsofts next hololens could tell where youre looking alien image

Patent suggests Microsoft’s next HoloLens could tell where you’re looking

A new patent has surfaced, courtesy of Microsoft, uncovering an ambitious set of plans for eye tracking on a head-mounted display.

Halo Wars is finally on PC, but you’ll have to shell out $80 for it

blizzard is sorry for disappointing you with overwatch character meis winter skin mei wonderland

Blizzard is ‘sorry’ for disappointing you with ‘Overwatch’ character Mei’s winter skin

Overwatch fans aren't pleased with the Mei's "Legendary" choice of clothing in the Winter Wonderland event.
disney and mlb secure rights to league of legends tourney streaming video game tournament 1200x0

'League of Legends' is about to make even more money thanks to Disney and MLB

BAMTech, a streaming company co-owned by MLB and Disney, intends to make League of Legends even more profitable.
bq aquaris m10 ubuntu edition review 1

BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition Black review

weboost eqo boost hands on 6

Hands on: WeBoost Eqo signal booster

The WeBoost Eqo cell phone signal booster claims to provide "up to 32x better cellular coverage indoors" for those who have bad reception. We tested it out.
microsoft surface 3 review 2 mem

Computer Deals of the Week: April 29, 2016

If you're hungry for some new computer hardware, you've come to the right place.
minecraft creeps its way onto samsung gear vr blog image

Now you can play Minecraft from the comfort of your Samsung Gear VR

Now you can buy Minecraft for the 15h time with its $7 Gear VR debut.
whats vr useful for more than you can imagine htc vive pre 0001

HTC’s $100 million accelerator program geared toward virtual reality startups

In an attempt to cut down on time spent securing money from investors, HTC's new Vive X accelerator program could prove lucrative for VR developers.
amds 1500 radeon pro duo gpu is for vr content creators rather than consumers radeonproduo 2

AMD’s new dual-GPU card is here, but it’s not built for gamers

AMD is finally ready to unleash the pro VR targeted Radeon Pro Duo, with a lofty $1,500 price tag, and and a pair of Fiji GPUs at the wheel.
2016 12 inch macbook speed benchmarks update mem 5

New 12-inch Retina MacBook not much more capable than last year’s model

Here's how much faster this year's 12-inch MacBooks are compared to last year's offerings.
usb type c certification failure screen shot 2015 11 04 at 5 53 52 pm copy

USB’s latest change is the long-overdue solution to preventable disaster

Last week, the USB-IF issued an authentication specification for its USB Type-C interface, but is this a long-overdue solution to a much too common issue?