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Gabe Carey

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A freelancer for Digital Trends, Gabe Carey has been covering the intersection of video games and technology since he was 16. Since then, he’s developed obsessions with building computers, hoarding USB-C dongles, and buying everything in Rose Gold.

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Your Chromebook could soon be easier on the eyes when used in the dark

With more than 25 million Chromebook users out there, a dark mode is long past due, but is this yet another tease that Google will deny? If the Android P dark mode situation is anything to go by, it very well may be.

This homemade 8-bit computer could finally pose a challenge to Intel's 8008 CPU

It surely won't run Crysis, but this throwback, 8-bit breadboard computer was made by one guy working on it from home for only nine days, two of which were spent designing it on paper from scratch.

Safer Internet Day wants to make the world a better place for online youth

The European Commission has kicked off its annual Safer Internet Day once again, this time boasting the theme, “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you."

VR developers will soon be able to make their friends jealous with the Core i9-equipped HP Z4

Next month, get ready as HP plans to release new configuration options for its Z4 workstation PC, complete with Intel Core X-series processors and a new spin on its own Windows Mixed Reality headset.

Dell's new XPS 15 2-in-1 looks great. But is it better than the Surface Book 2?

The Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 yields huge performance, what with its G-series Intel Core i7 processor and AMD Vega graphics, but is a low price tag enough to challenge the Microsoft Surface Book 2?

New to RTS games? Get ahead in ‘Halo Wars 2’ with these 6 tips

Whether you're playing for the story or the frantic online multiplayer, these six tips and tricks will aid both RTS and Halo newcomers with getting the hang of the newest installment of Halo Wars.