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Meet VRGE, the posh virtual reality dock that charges your headset

vrge kickstarter htc vive virtual reality headset
If you’re an early adopter of a virtual reality headset, such as the HTC Vive or PlayStation VR, you may be wondering where to store your hardware when it’s not in use. For complaints as common as ‘Where do I put it?’, a company on Kickstarter has a solution.

The VRGE, according to Team VRGE based in South Carolina, is the “first and most versatile virtual reality storage system.” Not only does it hold your VR hardware and peripherals away from a space where a guest could trip on them, but it also dual-wields as a charger.

Measuring in at 14.17-by-6.5-by-2.7 inches the VGRE dock is a 2.2-pound lightweight accessory. The dock comes topped with a wood finish while the base is produced using plastic injection molding. The VRGE dock can be purchased in either Maple Wood/Gloss White or Walnut Wood/Gunmetal Grey flavors and, by default, ships with two USB cables for charging.

Also interesting is the VRGE’s ability to either be wall mounted or sat on a desk, providing it with the versatility needed to conserve space in any living situation.

The team behind the project consists entirely of industrial designers who have been working together for more than six years. The goal is set at $30,000, which the company has gathered about $2,200 of at the time of this writing.

To get a VRGE dock of your own, however, it will set you back $59, but only if you are using it for HTC Vive alone. Pledge $20 more and you can choose between an adapter for PlayStation VR or Oculus Rift. There are a handful of other options, too, which you can feel free to browse on the team’s Kickstarter website.

All in all, this could be a stylish and affordable way to get your Vive wands and PlayStation Move controllers off the floor in the rare moments that you are not fully immersing yourself in virtual worlds to escape reality’s woes.

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