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Respawn is gracing Titanfall 2 with new maps, Pilot-only Live Fire mode

Titanfall 2 review
Say what you will about Titanfall 2, but while EA may have put it up against its own software with Battlefield 1 having been released around the same time, Respawn hasn’t given up on its first-person shooter franchise. In fact, according to the official Titanfall news blog, the developer has revealed a massive update featuring a new game mode along with new maps and an overhaul to the playlist interface.

The competitive multiplayer mode is called Live Fire, but don’t expect any actually Titans to, well, fall as this mode is limited to Pilots only. Live Fire consists of five rounds featuring two opposing teams of six players. The objective is for one team to take out all the Pilots from the other side. Alternatively, if you can keep the only flag on the map from getting captured by the other team, you’ll also take home the victory.

Although on the surface that might sound like a piece of cake, the twist is that respawns are not permitted in Live Fire, making headshots truly fatal as a result. What’s more, two of the three new maps being introduced are exclusive to the new Live Fire mode. Respawn says these maps are “tight, enclosed death boxes designed specifically for the fast-paced, intense nature of the mode.”

The third map on our radar is called Columns, which can be found in Coliseum mode. Meanwhile, you’ll find that the update is riddled with miscellaneous features as well, including an added Pilot execution animation and new Commander introductory cutscenes for each faction.

Release date information for the update has yet to be revealed, though Respawn promises we’ll find out more soon. Further news on the update will be accompanied by an entire roadmap of content we can expect for Titanfall 2 in 2017, comprised of weapons and even more game modes and maps.

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