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The new Digital Storm Bolt X proves small PCs can pack serious performance

digital storm bolt x ces 2017
Most commonly known for its luxury lineup of boutique gaming rigs, Digital Storm is back at it again with the Bolt X, a design the company calls the “most advanced” small form factor PC on the market. Combining a ventilated base and Digital Storm’s signature HydroLux cooling system, the Bolt X is apparently capable of squeezing out improved performance without getting too hot.

The Digital Storm X, unlike other specialty designs, makes it possible for airflow to pass from the bottom up. Typically, PC case designs stress attention on dispersing airflow through the sides and the rear. Contrarily, the Bolt X emphasizes the top and the base of the machine. It manages this using two 140mm top-mounted fans, along with Digital Storm’s own HydroLux Hardline tubing and even a tailor-made 280mm radiator.

“Our new Bolt X is the apex of SFF design and performance,” claims Digital Storm Founder Harjit Chana. “The level of immersion that is possible with HDR at Ultra-HD resolutions and VR gaming demands a powerful PC that is ready to deliver, and Bolt X does so with ease.”

The small form-factor PC, according to the company, is easily upgradeable with plenty of room for desktop-grade components such as graphics cards and processors. The Digital Storm Bolt X can also store “multiple” hard drives and solid-state drives, though it’s not clear just how many that implies.

The Bolt X will go on sale in the first quarter of 2017. When it launches, Digital Storm promises “a system that users will enjoy for years even through multiple upgrade cycles.” If that means we’ll be able to run games in 8K 60 fps later on down the line without forking out for a new case, it may be well worth the assuredly premium investment.

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Digital Storm Aventum 3, concluding that while attractive and easy to amend, it was also heavier and more expensive than competing builds in the same range. We were most optimistic about the recent Digital Storm Velox, which features a custom enclosure that’s extremely easy to upgrade.

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