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No, ‘Persona 5’ is not coming to the Switch or PC — for real this time

'Persona 5'
For those unfamiliar with the work of John Hardin, he’s a public relations manager for Atlus and he’s clearly very irritated with people asking him if Persona 5 is coming to Nintendo Switch. After being listed back at the hybrid console’s October reveal as a platform partner, it’s no surprise that Atlus was pressured into revealing early just which games were not on the way.

If you’re a fan of both Nintendo and Atlus, however, you may be saddened to know that whatever the developer has in store for the Switch, it’s neither Yakuza 0 nor Persona 5. Rather, each of those games is destined for PlayStation 4, with the latter also making its way to the ever-aging PS3.

This news comes via Twitter, where Hardin confirmed that not only are these fan-favorite titles sidestepping the Switch, but they’re also averting PC releases. As he bluntly put on Twitter, accompanied by a GIF from HBO’s Silicon Valley.

Not even one day after the Nintendo Switch reveal video dropped, Reddit was scrambling to catch Atlus’ attention, with an entire thread commanding the company to release a port of the highly anticipated RPG.

“They have no excuse to say it is not powerful enough, and it would have to be downgraded to meet the likes of Vita,” said Reddit user Guitar_Smash. “If this handheld can run Skyrim, these [guys] need to get to work.”

As for the N-Gage, Hardin suggested to one Twitter follower that they “burn it and free the demons within.” For those looking to play either Yakuza 0 or Persona 5 on Sony’s platforms, you can experience Atlus’ latest on January 24 and April 4, respectively.

Yakuza 0 initially appeared on store shelves in Japan in 2015 for PS3 but was later brought to PS4 as well. It was announced for a North American release in December. Persona 5, which was originally slated for a February launch, was delayed in November.

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