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Every rumored Xbox exclusive coming to PS5 and Switch

Living room with Microsoft Xbox Series X (L) and Sony PlayStation 5 home video game consoles alongside a television and soundbar.
Future Publishing/Getty Images / Future Publishing

The video game console market is about to see its biggest shakeup since Sega stopped producing hardware. Xbox’s Phil Spencer says that the company will share a “business update” with players next week outlining a new vision for the brand. That news comes after a month of rumors that claimed that some of Xbox’s biggest exclusives would be coming to other platforms, including PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The unconfirmed reports sent Xbox loyalists into a panic as fans brace for a possible future where Xbox just produces software instead of physical consoles.

We don’t know what’s true yet, as credible reports have been lumped in with speculation. Some details seem plausible, while rumors that Xbox will stop making systems altogether are closer to educated guesses. We’ll learn more in Xbox’s business update, but until then, we’ve rounded up a list of every Xbox exclusive that’s reportedly going multiplatform. Take it all with a grain of salt until Spencer and company unveil the full picture.


Key art for Starfield
Bethesda Game Studios

When rumors started brewing about Xbox launching multiplatform games in January, players expected that it would extend to the company’s smaller releases. That may not be the case. According to a bombshell report from XboxEra, Microsoft may be planning to bring its biggest exclusive, Starfield, to PS5. Sources reportedly told XboxEra that Bethesda’s outer space epic will come to Sony’s system sometime after the release of its Shattered Space expansion, set to launch this year. As part of that report, XboxEra adds that Xbox has made additional investments into PS5 dev kits to bolster its multiplatform efforts.

Hi-Fi Rush

Chai points a finger gun at a robot in Hi-Fi Rush.
Xbox Game Studios

Starfield isn’t the only 2023 Xbox exclusive that could be headed to other platforms. It appears as though Hi-Fi Rush will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS5. This rumor has been circulating since early January and has been corroborated several times since. It initially came from leaker Nate the Hate, who claimed that a critically acclaimed Xbox game was headed to other platforms. ResetEra user lolilolailo, another leaker with a decent track record, expanded on that claim, pinning down Hi-Fi Rush as the game in question. If that rumor is correct, we could find out about it soon, as speculation indicates that a February Nintendo Direct may be right around the corner.

Sea of Thieves

A boat sails on the ocean in Sea of Thieves.

Xbox’s multiplatform future may extend to more than just brand-new releases. 2018’s Sea of Thieves may also be set for a Switch and PlayStation launch. That speculation originally came from Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, who said he’d heard buzzing about a potential port. While that claim was a little loose initially, it was backed up by Game File’s Stephen Totilo and VGC’s Andy Robinson. Totilo notes that he’d only heard about a potential PS5 port. If that does come to fruition, Totilo said that he’d heard rumors of an early 2024 launch.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Indiana jones buried in the sand.

Every game mentioned so far is a previously released game, but what about new ones? Some major upcoming Xbox games could be going multiplatform, too. According to The Verge, Xbox exclusive Indiana Jones and the Great Circle could be exclusive no more. Sources reportedly told the site that Xbox was considering launching the action-adventure title on PS5. The exact timing of that is unclear. There’s a chance, though, that it launches alongside the Xbox Series X/S version later this year. If that happens, it’ll be a major disruption of the usual “console exclusive” strategy and a signal that Xbox is plotting a significant strategic shift.

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