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V Rising comes to PS5 this June alongside Castlevania special edition

Two vampire knights dueling with one leaping into the air.
Stunlock Studios

Vampire-themed online survival game V Rising is finally hitting consoles. Developer Stunlock Studios announced that the game will release June 11 on the PlayStation 5.

In a new trailer released Monday, the studio also revealed that players who preorder the game on PS5 will get early access five days ahead of time. The base game will cost $40 (or $36 with a PlayStation Plus subscription). Players can also grab the Legacy of Castlevania edition for $60, which comes with a number of Castlevania-themed cosmetics.

Then, there’s the Complete Edition for $100, which features a number of additional DLC packs. Along with the Castlevania pack, the most expensive bundle comes with the Sinister Evolution, Dracula’s Relics, and Eldest Bloodline packs. Most of these are also cosmetic, but there are various accessories and items mixed in as well.

As per usual, PS5 players will need PS Plus to play online, although playing online is optional.

All of this is to say that PS5 players will be able to buy bundles similar to what PC players on Steam already have. However, it doesn’t appear that PS5 users will be able to play with PC users. In an interview with Wccftech, a spokesperson from Stunlock (the article doesn’t specify who) said that crossplay seemed “pretty unlikely at this time.”

V Rising had been in early access for two years before the 1.0 announcement back in March. When the full version released on May 8, player count soared. It didn’t quite hit its all-time peak, but it’s been holding steady ever since among the most played games on Steam, according to SteamDB.

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