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How to personalize the Vivaldi browser and make it your own

Everyone has their favorite browser, and some people can be very loyal to their choice. Trying to get them to look at another option can be hazardous to your health! So why entertain the idea of trying something other than your favorite? Well, here’s our case for using the Vivaldi browser, even just for a test drive.

Vivaldi is an Opera browser and their mission is to make sure your browser adapts around you… not the other way around. So right up front, when you install it, it asks how you want to set your browser up. Go through some options like color choices, where you want the tabs positioned on the window. Top, bottom or side? Choose a background. Then you’re ready to play!

The first thing I fell in love with was this. Side by side websites inside of the same browser window! What?! They call it a Panel. I call it multi-tasking! You can adjust the size. That made me happy! You can toggle that off and on with this button in the lower left corner. Inside this Panel, you can even create notes. So if you’re looking at a website and taking notes, you can easily do it all on one screen.

Now… it doesn’t export those notes to a Google doc or Evernote. It’s going to be housed within the browser. But it could come in handy and you can always copy and paste to where you need your notes to ultimately go. You can create sessions, so if you always open the same group of tabs at the same time, then you’ll want to create a session, then easily open them all at the same time by opening a session.

These are all your open tabs. They’re called Visual Tabs. You can see what you have open at a glance. Now, if you open too many, like I tend to do, it’ll look more like regular tabs on any other browser. When you open a tab, the color of the browser changes to the main color of that particular website. I dig that. Kinda gives it a more immersive feel.

There’s a ton to this browser. That’s really just scratching the surface! It’s a clean design, but once you go deep, it may overload some people’s senses. But if you love customizing your experience to what you want, as opposed to what a developer wants you to do, then Vivaldi is definitely worth a look.

I’d love to hear what you like about this… or hey! If there’s another browser you prefer! Leave a comment below, and be sure to share this video on your favorite social media site.

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