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How to watch Intel’s CES 2022 keynote today, and what to expect

Intel’s CES 2022 keynote is among one of the most anticipated presentations that will take place at the upcoming technology event. The company is expected to reveal an expansion to its Alder Lake processors, particularly the mobile series for laptops, in addition to fully unveiling its Arc Alchemist graphics cards.

Here’s where you can watch Intel’s CES 2022 keynote and what to expect from the press conference.

How to watch Intel’s CES 2022 keynote today

Intel’s CES 2022 keynote will take place today at the show, with the livestream scheduled to start at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET).

You’ll be able to watch the livestream on Intel’s website, and we’ll embed the video in this post when available.

What to expect from Intel’s CES 2022 keynote

Walden Kirsch/Intel Corporation

Intel hasn’t detailed exactly what will be shown at the event, but confirmed “new developments” in its personal computing business will be shown. Gregory Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s Client Computing Group, will be delivering the presentation.

Thanks to various leaks, we can expect Intel to introduce the mobile lineup of its Alder Lake processors. Intel began shipping Alder Lake-P silicon to laptop manufacturers in November 2021. Similar to the Alder Lake-S desktop processors, Alder Lake’s mobile chips are said to utilize a hybrid architecture.

Lower-end models will reportedly sport two Golden Cove performance (P) cores, alongside eight Gracemont efficiency (E) cores. Higher-end variants, meanwhile, are said to be powered by six P-cores and eight E-cores, with the top Alder Lake-P chip apparently offering 14 cores and 20 threads.

Due to several benchmarks, we already have an idea of how Alder Lake mobile chips will perform. For example, the Core i7-12700H could outperform AMD’s flagship processor by 35%. It’s also 45% faster in multi-core operations than its predecessor, the Core i7-11700H. Another benchmark showcased how an Alder Lake-P chip could be almost 50% faster than Apple’s M1 Max processor.

Elsewhere, following the launch of numerous variants of Intel’s desktop Alder Lake chip in October, non-K versions should also be introduced at the keynote.

Intel is also expected to detail its Arc Alchemist GPUs. The desktop graphics cards have reportedly been delayed until March, but the company mentions Arc on its CES 2022 page. With the current GPU shortage expected to last until 2023, Arc Alchemist could finally offer gamers a sub-$200 card.

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