IBM offers virtual desktop solution for workers on the go

ibm acquires data analytics company netezza for 1 7 billion logoThe IBM Virtual Desktop allows Windows or Linux desktops to be hosted and managed centrally, bringing down the cost and complexity of managing PC environments.  The Virtual Desktop for Smart Business can either be deployed on a customer’s own infrastructure or through a Business Partner “private cloud” hosted environment.

“As IBM’s latest smarter work offering, the Virtual Desktop expands the time and place where people can access information, contribute ideas and support customers,” said Dan Cerutti, general manager, IBM Smart Business. “Together with our partners, we’re bringing the power of virtual computing to smaller companies seeking greater agility while freeing up critical IT resources.”

The IBM Virtual Desktop has self-configuring, self-managing and self-protecting features that are supposed to make it easy to install and manage. It also comes with plus continuous backup and recovery. For employees that spend a lot of time on the road visiting clients, checking inventory or making patient rounds at a hospital, IBM’s virtual desktop provides instant access to information, helping employees solve problems and speed decision-making.

“IBM continues to tackle the needs of smaller companies with powerful solutions that are easy to install, easy to manage and priced right,” said Ken Espiau, Operations Director, Northcom Technologies, an IBM Business Partner. “With IBM’s Virtual Desktop offering, there’s only one console, one system and one implementation to make managing desktops much easier. Our clients can realize benefits of cost savings from the desktop of up to 40% while we’re able to gain a recurring revenue stream on back end management.”

IBM’s Virtual Desktop is offered as a pre-integrated, ready-to-run software package priced at $150 per user per year for a one year contract and is available through IBM’s local business partners. To learn more, visit: