iBuyPower Paladin XLC Gaming Rig Gets Extreme Liquid Cooling

Boutique PC maker iBuyPower has announced its new Paladin XLC desktop gaming system, with Asustek’s 240mm maintenance-free large radiator liquid cooling system to handle severely overclocked components. The Paladin XLC features iBuyPower’s NZXT Red Phantom enclosure that can handle up to 7 fans—along with other prerequisites like up to 24 GB of RAM, triple video cards, and as many as 7 hard drives.

“Our XLC line systems are designed to be pushed to their edge and demand advanced cooling solutions like the Asustek dual radiator and sophisticated cases like the Phantom, with its extensive cooling options,” said iBuyPower executive VP Darren Su, in a statement. “We put each XLC system through extensive stability testing prior to shipping to ensure the highest performance possible.”

ibuypower paladin xlc gaming rig gets extreme liquid cooling

The Paladin XLC features an Intel Core i7 processor—quad-core and six-core models available—running at anywhere from 2.8 to 3.33 GHz. Of course, being a custom maker, all sorts of add-ons and options are available, including internal USB expansion systems, noise reduction kits, case lighting, a broad selection of Nvidia and ATI graphics cards, and a selection of motherboards that sport the Intel X58 chipset, triple-channel SSR3 memory, SATA RAID< USB 2.0 (and some with USB 3), HD audio, gigabit Ethernet, PCI-E ×16 slots, and CrossFireX support—oh, and let's not forget a range of hard drive and SSD options, DVD and Blu-ray drives, power supplies running from 450 to 1500 watts. iBuyPower also offers an overclocking service that can crank as much as an additional 30 percent out of the CPU.

The Paladin XLC starts at $1,495…but, of course, by the time you add on all your dream components prices can get into the high four digits. But at least if you lose the next LAN party, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

ibuypower paladin xlc gaming rig gets extreme liquid cooling