iHome Hooks Up with LifeWorks on Accessory Line

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iHome has marketed a number of iPod and digital media player add-ons over the years, from speaker systems to alarm clock radios to earbuds. Now, the company has done a licensing deal with LifeWorks Technology Group to launch a range of new computer peripherals beginning this summer. And while the product line is still evolving, a couple items are already looking like standouts…because they integrate directly with iPhones and iPods.

First up, the iConnect keyboard bundles include an iPod/iPhone dock on the left side of the keyboard to users can conveniently charge and synchronize their Apple devices without fussing with cables or other docking peripherals—and since the dock is right on the keyboard, there’s no forgetting where you left it, or leaving your device behind when you’re done. The dock comes with a cover that slides shut when not in use, and the keyboard sports illuminated keys and two USB 2.0 ports for additional desktop peripherals. The iConnect also ships with a wireless 1,200 dpi laser-sensor mouse with an LED battery indicator so you never get caught mouseless. Mac and Windows-colored versions of the iConnect should be available this summer at a suggested price of $149.99.

Meanwhile, the iStand Notebook Media center combines a notebook stand (so you can get the pesky think off your desk and put the display up at a more reasonable height) with an iPod/iPhone dock and integrated speakers. Designed for 13- to 15-inch notebooks, the front bar of the stand houses both an iPod dock and a set of speakers, and the stand also sports a pair of USB 2.0 ports. The stand can charge an iPhone/iPod even without a notebook being connected, and is designed to work with both Macs and Windows systems. Expect the iStand this summer…but it won’t quite be cheap: looks like the suggested price will be $299.99.

LifeWorks also plans to offer a series of keyboards and mice, and possible expand out into Web cams and headsets.