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HTC Vive travel pack now available with Innoactive’s ‘VR Suitcase’

The Innoactive VR Suitcase for HTC Vive - Take VR to wherever you are
As much as the HTC Vive is a fantastic virtual reality headset, it’s not very portable, and that presents a lot of problems for those trying to demo new games, or even selling people on the concept of VR in the first place. That’s where Innoactive is hoping to offer a solution – for businesses at least – with its new VR Suitcase, which puts together everything you need for a portable, roomscale VR solution.

For starters, Innoactive’s bundle comes with an HTC Vive headset, controllers, and tracking stations. All of that fits inside a neat carry case with built in-pouches for accessories and extras, as well as a neat charging solution for the controllers so they don’t require separate power sources.

To give it the graphical power to create some virtual worlds to play in, Innoactive includes a MSI gaming laptop with a built-in GTX 1060. That notebook also fits into the carry case, along with a base station, which combines the HTC Vive’s link box with a large internal, rechargeable battery, giving the whole system hours and hours of mains-free usage.

But what about the tracking stations? Those are handled by a pair of monopods which not only provide a mounting solution for the Lighthouse trackers, but also have batteries built into their base, to provide up to eight hours of wireless tracking.


This set-up is versatile enough that you can set it up just about anywhere. Everything is built using carbon fiber too, so the whole set up is light and strong.

Don’t rush out to buy this just yet though, as you will need exceedingly deep pockets. While the Vive itself might seem costly at $800, the VR Suitcase is currently slated for 8500 euros ($9,500), which is out of the price range of just about anyone who isn’t a business.

It’s also a price that makes us raise an eyebrow, as at that cost you would expect a GTX 1080 in the laptop – though likely the use of a lower-end graphics chip was likely to help reduce power draw and keep the laptop going for longer.

If you do want to order these or find out more, you can do so at the Innoactive website.

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