Intel and Industry Partners Explain ‘AppUp’ App Store Plan

Intel_AppUp_screenshot2010 is all about the “app.” Intel CEO Paul Otellini revealed in his CES keynote speech that Intel has launched a beta version of its software app store—the Intel AppUp center—for netbook computers. The first few apps are now available for immediate free download or purchase. The company says that within 30 days of offering the new program, thousands of developers signed up and downloaded the starter-kit, and more than 350 apps have since been submitted for validation or review. These new apps cover several categories such as education, entertainment, games, health, social networking and other categories. Intel’s four industry partners—Acer, Asus, Dell and Samsung—also announced store collaboration and plans.

“Acer was an early supporter of the Intel Atom Developer Program and we applaud the announcement of Intel AppUp center,” said Gianpiero Morbello, Acer Worldwide Marketing vice president. “Accessing the Intel AppUp Center catalog, we will be able to distribute innovative software downloads to Acer Atom processor-based netbook customers and move to easily support additional Acer customers on any device powered by an Intel processor.”

Intel says the beta store will host applications for both the Microsoft Windows and the open source Moblin-based operating systems, the first operating systems to target the popular netbook computer category powered by the Intel Atom processor. Intel and its partners say they hope to expand the stores to include applications for other categories like handheld CE devices, smartphones, consumer electronic appliances, TVs and other devices based on future Intel processor families.

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