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Google Adjusts Buzz After Gmail Users Complain of Privacy Issues

The Google Buzz has been tweaked! After complaints poured in about privacy issues and concerns Google tries to make it right.

Compaq Airlife 100 Smartbook Sports Android OS, Snapdragon CPU

The Compaq AirLife 100 smartbook sports smartphone insides with netbook looks.

Kevin Smith Makes MacWorld Fun Again, Teases Apple iPad

Kevin Smith made folks laugh at the MacWorld Expo this week.

Microsoft to Unveil Windows Phones Update on Monday

Microsoft will reveal new details of its WinMo7 mobile operating system and Pink smartphones.

ASUS Sports First Laptops Packing AMD’s Mobility 5870 GPU

New GPU spanks NVIDIA's GTX 280M and nears SLI performance on single chip--sported in new ASUS laptops.

Microsoft Reveals 2010 Games Like Halo:Reach and New FFXIII Bundle

Microsoft announced some exciting new Xbox 360 titles and a Final Fantasy bundle.