Google Testing Out Super Speedy Internet Service

google-searchNow that’s the Google we know—the search engine giant announced today on its official blog that it will build and test ultra high-speed broadband networks in a small test trial. Google says its goal for this experimental project is to make the Internet faster and more accessible for people.  The tests will occur in various locations throughout the US and starting today Google will be putting out requests for information (RFI) to “identify interested communities” and collect responses from the public.

“We’ll deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today with 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections,” write Minnie Ingersoll and James Kelly, Product Managers at Google. “We plan to offer service at a competitive price to at least 50,000 and potentially up to 500,000 people.”

Google says it will announce its target communities sometime within 2010, but as for now the responses are welcome up until March 26. Check out the company’s video explaining its plans for the experimental fiber network tests.

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