Microsoft to Unveil Windows Phones Update on Monday

winmo7ishThe World Mobile Congress 2010 begins next week in beautiful Barcelona Spain and the mobile industry’s top companies are prepping to make an appearance. Microsoft is expected to unveil two new things at the conference on Monday: A demonstration of Windows Mobile 7 and details on the “Pink” code-named project. SO far all the details we know of the WinMo 7 mobile OS is that the interface will be very similar to Microsoft’s Zune HD, it will come in a business edition and a media edition, and it will have multitouch support, as well as offer free navigation software. Now, as for the Pink mobile project, that’s much more of a mystery.

The Wall Street Journal reports that basically the “Pink project” is supposed to be a phone that is a youth-oriented smartphone, like the T-Mobile SideKick, and will be very focused in social-networking applications. The WSJ actually had some goods on the new Pink phone—it’s currently being manufactured by Japan’s Sharp Corp. and is expected to be sold internationally by Verizon Wireless and Vodafone Group PLC as early as this spring. The Pink smartphone will most likely sport the new Windows Mobile 7 operating system.

Microsoft has be struggling in the mobile arena for a while, and the company’s rejuvenation in that field is basically resting on these new smartphones that will be coming out this year and WinMo7. It is hard to say how well the new WInMo operating system will do with consumers, especially when new Mobile Oss like Android, and the newly opened Symbian, are out there.