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Amazon Posts Job Openings, Hints at New Kindle Plans

kindle-dxLast week we reported that Amazon had acquired multitouch screen company Touchco to integrate into its Kindle hardware division known as Lab 126. As of today, it looks like Amazon is looking for some new employees to help build this new multitouch Kindle. The New York Times reported today that not only will this new Kindle have a sweet multitouch display, but it will also have color—or at least that’s what the jobs boards are telling them.

The New York Times claims that by just looking at the job openings on the Lab 126 career board, you can figure out the specs and details for the new Kindle e-reader. Openings for a “Wi-Fi specialists” and an “applications developer” are also available on the site.

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“One job opening in particular, for a Hardware Display Manager, tells the applicant that ‘you will know the LCD business and key players in the market,’” writes Nick Bilton. “The key point here is the word ‘LCD,’ which means the Kindle is possibly exploring color (unless they are hiring an LCD manager to simply gain an understanding of the color-display market).”

This article is essentially helpful to you in two ways: If you’re curious about the next Kindle device, now you know what Amazon could have in store for it, and if you’re searching for employment, now you know just how many job openings there are at Labs 126.

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