Acer Developing Ultra-Thin MacBook Air Rival?


According to Taiwan Economic News, Acer will be putting out an ultrathin, super sleek laptop that will blow Apple’s MacBook Air out of the water. The report claims the thin new notebook is the “ace in the hole” to challenge HP’s position in the global market. Acer recently surpassed fellow computer maker, Dell in terms of global PC shipments. Acer’s Timeline CULV (consumer ultra low voltage) was a hit last year with consumers and this new slim notebook, which will be 1.9cm thick (same as MAcBook Air), the company claims will be even more of a success.

The report claims the new laptop will ship this year and it definitely looking to be the company’s triumph of 2010. Electronista claims this thin Acer notebook will sport speeds closer to a full-size notebook and use a low-energy Core i5 and i7, which have at most a 1.2GHz regular clock speed. Acer has excelled in the netbook arena, but with steep competition challenging them—the company’s hope for a PC revival, moving them from number two to number one, is currently resting on the 1.9cm thick mystery machine.

Image provided by Engadget.