X10 Fable 3 Announcement to Make Gamers “Super Pissed Off”

fable3angerThe Lionhead genius, Peter Molyneux, says that during next week’s X10 event, the new Fable 3 features will upset some people when revealed. In an interview with Game Reactor at Game Jam in Copenhagen last week, Molyneux talked about the past, present and future of gaming, and said he would be announcing some Fable 3 news at X10. The game designer not only hint, but rather flat out told his interviewer that he thinks gamers will be “super pissed off” about the Fable 3 reveals he has planned for X10.

“I’m really scared that when I go out and tell people what it is, they’re going to get super pissed off,” said Molyneux. “They really are. But it’s the right thing to do man, I’m sure it’s the right thing to do.”

Molyneux concluded that it’s “the right thing to do,” and confirmed that he will be “demonstrating” the mystery announcement at X10 in San Francisco. Does this mysterious demonstration have to do with Natal? Molyneux had some admirable things to say about the new Microsoft gaming project, describing Natal as a new change with lots of possibilities—but he says it will take a while for people to “wrap their heads around it.”

We’re intrigued to hear what this grand Fable 3 disappointment will be. All we know is that whatever is going to piss people off, Molyneux will demonstrate it at X10. Check out the interview for yourself.

Thank you Joystiq for the image.