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Intel welcomes a host of new Broadwell, Skylake processors

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As reported by CPU-World yesterday, Intel is amending its processor lineup with numerous additions to the catalog, in both mobile and desktop flavors. These include 5th-generation Broadwell CPUs in addition to several new 6th-gen Skylake models. Of those announced, six are Core while the remaining two are Celeron CPUs. With the exception of a new quad-core i5 Skylake processor, all of those added are dual core, including five that feature Hyper-Threading.

Model Core/Threads Frequency Cache Price
Celeron 3855U 2/2 1.6GHz 2MB $107
Celeron 3955U 2/2 2GHz 2MB $107
Core i3-6098P 2/4 3.6GHz 3MB $117
Core i5-6402P 4/4 2.8GHz 6MB $182
Core i5-5200DU 2/4 2.2GHz 3MB $281
Core i5-6198DU 2/4 2.3GHz 3MB $281
Core i7-5500DU 2/4 2.4GHz 4MB $393
Core i7-6498DU 2/4 2.5GHz 4MB $393

The new CPUs in question bear peculiar model numbers, namely the i5-C402P and i5-5200DU. This could, according to CPU-World, indicate a differentiation in functionality offered by the processing units. The 3855U and 3955U in particular are focused on ultra-low voltage energy conservation.

Meanwhile, the “P” suffix found in the likes of the Core i3-6098P and Core i5-6402P probably indicates the absence of an integrated graphics processor as it has in previous generations. The Core i3-6098P features two Hyper-Threaded cores running at 3.6GHz and sports a $117 price tag, similar to that of the i3-6100. The i5-6402P, on the other hand, is a $182 quad-core CPU operating at 2.8GHz, notably a 100MHz upgrade from the Core i5-6400.

All of those bearing the “DU” prefix, i5-5200DU, i5-6198DU, i5-5500DU, and i76498DU, share the same core, operating frequency, and last-level cache as the Core i5-5200U, i5-6200U, i7-5500U, and i7-6500U, respectively. Neatly enough, the prices of the aforementioned microprocessors remain in parity as well.

CPU-World also notes that the Celeron 3855U and 3955U CPUs serve as follow-ups to the 3215U and 3765U released back in April. This new pair of Celerons, however, bolster more manageable 1.6GHz and 2GHz respective clock speeds. Neither of these models exhibit Hyper-Threading capabilities, although both $107 processors are packaged with Intel’s HD 510 integrated GPU.

All of these processors are now available on the official Intel price list.

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