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Is NordVPN free? A detailed look at how much the service costs


If you’re thinking about signing up for a new VPN, you’re almost certainly wondering how much NordVPN costs. As one of the biggest names in VPNs out there, NordVPN is a hugely tempting proposition whatever the price. However, the NordVPN cost is actually pretty reasonable for what it provides. If you want to know all about the NordVPN price structure and learn a little bit about the best VPN out there, we have all the details on the NordVPN price along with whether there’s a free trial out there. Read on while we guide you through it.

Today’s best NordVPN deals

How much does NordVPN cost?

There are plenty of different options available to you with the VPN providing an extensive pricing structure that means plenty of flexibility when it comes to spreading out the NordVPN cost.

At its most basic, you can pay $12 per month for NordVPN. That’s a not bad deal if you simply need to use the service for a few weeks but there are far better options out there.

A better deal is to sign up for the 1-year plan which works out to less than $5 per month paid $59 for the first year. If you need to keep your NordVPN cost down (and who doesn’t want to?), this is a fairly good middle deal, but you can save even more cash when you opt for a two-year plan. That’s because a two-year plan of NordVPN is just the equivalent of $3.30 per month with three months bundled in for free. That works out as $89 for the first two years which is a frankly remarkable NordVPN price.

Simply put, it makes smart sense to invest in NordVPN for as long as possible. The NordVPN cost stays down the longer you commit to the plan with two years working out as the best offer out there right now.

It’s worth noting that the NordVPN price is paid out in one lump sum. Rather than having to worry about finding the cash each month, you simply pay in one go at the start of your subscription and you won’t have to think about it again for either one or two years depending on what you choose to do. That’s peace of mind in every way with the NordVPN cost spread out and the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing that you’re fully protected with a VPN for a long time to come. Wondering if NordVPN is safe? We’ve taken a look at all its safety and security measures, with a focus on its military-grade security which should give you substantial peace of mind. With full anonymity at all times, it’s a great bet with such a low price making it well worth investing in.

Is there a NordVPN free trial?

NordVPN doesn’t exactly have a free trial. That’s because it’s so well-priced to begin with. There are other ‘proper’ VPN free trials out there but we’d still recommend giving NordVPN a try.

That’s because while the NordVPN cost doesn’t factor in for a truly free trial, it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee that serves as a form of VPN free trial period. While it’s not quite the same as you’ll need to hand over your card details to sign up for it, there’s truly no risk here with it being entirely down to you to choose to cancel your NordVPN subscription before the 30 days are over. All you need to do is get in touch with customer support to cancel and you’re out of there.

Will you? We’re not convinced. NordVPN is a great option. With support for up to six devices and compatibility with pretty much every device imaginable, right down to your Wi-Fi router, it’s super convenient. It’s one of the fastest VPNs out there too, thanks to the NordLynx protocol and the lack of any bandwidth limits. With over 5,000 servers to choose from, you can easily globetrot around the world virtually, plus there’s a no logs policy so NordVPN never knows what you’re doing.

When you factor all these things in, NordVPN is a pretty sweet deal indeed. Well priced and with some great features, while NordVPN might not be free, it’s a high-quality VPN for a low, low price.

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