Laptop Cool Table Sports USB Fans

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Frequent Digital Trends readers might notice that this author almost never refers to a portable computer as a “laptop,” preferring the term “notebook.” Why? Because for the last several years, processor and battery technology means that most “portable computers” can’t be used comfortably on laps. Sure, for a few minutes they’re fine, maybe even nice on a brisk morning. But then the heat starts to sink in…and there have even been somewhat amusing press reports of notebook users burning sensitive areas. The problem is particularly bad for multimedia and gaming-oriented notebooks.

Arbella Enterprises aims to address the problem with its new Laptop Cool Table, a portable, collapsible laptop table that can elevate a notebook computer so it’s off a a user’s lap and in a more comfortable position. But what’s more, the laptop table has two built-in USB-powered fans that help circulate air under the notebook and keep it cool. Although running the fans would (obviously) drain a notebook’s battery faster, the fans might be ideal for use during longer computing (or gaming!) sessions where users are running off an AC adapter. The table is height-adjustable, and can also be used as a lapboard: simply don’t unfold the legs. The entire unit weighs 2.5 pounds.

The Laptop Cool Table is available now from Arbella Enterprises for $49.99; shipping in the continental U.S. is $12.