Lenovo Cranks Up Performance with New Xeon-powered ThinkStations

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Computer maker Lenovo has unveiled two new desktop workstations aimed at digital content creators, CAD and design professionals, and computing-intensive professions like oil and gas exploration. The new ThinkStation S20 and D20 feature high-end Intel Xeon processors, ATI or Nvidia graphics, and are pre-loaded with Windows Vista with support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.2. And the workstations are greener than ever, using over 50 percent recycled content—and on the D20, 30 percent of that is post-consumer and equivalent to the weight of about 19 water bottles. Lenovo says the workstations are also Greenguard certified, meeting standards for more than 2,000 chemical and hazardous substance tests.

“Designers, engineers, developers and scientists require the highest levels in computing performance to help them produce breakthrough innovations,” said, Lenovo’s executive director for Enterprise, Software and Peripherals Tom Tobul, in a statement. “The new ThinkStation workstations deliver not only the utmost in performance, but also a user-centric design with an emphasis on quiet operation, even during heavy processing.”

The ThinkStation S20 and D20 will be available with Intel Xeon 5500 and W3500 processors, with optional Intel Turbo Boost technology for additional peak processing power. Customers will be able to choose between Nvidia Quadro and ATI FirePro graphics, and the systems will be preloaded with Lenovo ThinkStation technologies to help with data migration, recovery, and other tasks. The ThinkStations are certified from third parties to ensure compatibility with major applications, and the systems are preloaded with Windows Vista with support for RedHat Linux Enterprise 5.2.

The S20 and D20 should go on sale during the first quarter—e.g., real soon now&mdah;with pricing starting at $1,070 and $1,550, respectively.

Amusingly, Lenovo is also launching an “eLounge” virtual shopping experience wherein users can log into a virtual world, create an avatar…and shop for Lenovo gear, and even interact with Lenovo reps to pick out the best stuff. Sounds enchanting; the eLounge will be available during normal U.S. business hours.