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Lenovo designed a new modular webcam solution for its business monitors

While rivals HP and Dell have announced monitors at CES 2022 with built-in webcams and speakers designed for hybrid and remote work, Lenovo is taking a slightly different approach with its ThinkVision monitors.

Instead of building the video conferencing system permanently into the monitors, the new ThinkVision displays come with a modular solution that allows you to snap on either the webcam or the speaker, or both modules together, for a complete experience when collaborating with colleagues or connecting with friends over video.

Lenovo's modular VOIP system for its new ThinkVision monitors.

The setup isn’t too dissimilar to connecting a wired webcam to the top of your monitor, for example, but the modular components lead to cleaner desk aesthetics. For one, you won’t have to deal with unsightly wires and you don’t need to connect a Bluetooth speaker or speakerphone on your desk.

Secondly, the ability to remove and stow away these components will be beneficial to minimalists who don’t want tech components always on display when they’re not using these products.

The VOIP stack hooks up to connectors on the rear of the display.

After you’re done with your video call, detach the modules and stow them discretely away. Also, for privacy-conscious homes, home offices, and offices, the detachable modules can give added peace of mind that the camera or microphones were not inadvertently activated without your knowledge.

The 1080p FHD ThinkVision MC60 Monitor Webcam module comes with a privacy shutter, Smart Traffic Light that warns people around you that you’re on a call for interruption-free meetings, digital zooms with various different fields of view, noise cancellation technology, and tilt control.

The ThinkVision MS30 Monitor Soundbar comes with dual 2W speakers. We would have loved to see Lenovo pushing the webcam to 4K resolution and equipping the soundbar with more powerful dual 5W speakers.

Lenovo's new ThinkVision monitor works with modular webcam and speakerbar attachments.

As for the display, Lenovo unveiled two new color-accurate 27-inch QHD monitors with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Despite their unmemorable model numbers and names, both the ThinkVision P27h-30 and P27q-30 support 95% of the DCI-P3 color space and 99% of the sRGB color space.

Both panels come with a modern design with slim bezels, a gunmetal stand for ergonomic adjustments, an integrated USB hub, and HDR10 support. The biggest difference is that the P27q-30 supports only HDMI and DisplayPort connections, while the more premium P27h-30 also has a USB-C port.

With a single USB-C cable, you can connect a compatible PC or Mac to the monitor for both video and power, as the panel also supports 100W power delivery.

The Lenovo ThinkVision P27q-30 and P27h-30 monitors will both be available starting in July 2022, with an expected starting price of $499 and $599.

The ThinkVision VOIP Modular Stack solution, meanwhile, will also be available starting in June 2022, with an expected starting price of the soundbar for $39 and the webcam for $129.

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