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Lenovo’s new ThinkVision 34-inch Ultrawide monitor packs lavish connectivity

Picking the best monitor isn’t always an easy task, and generally, people have multiple priorities when shopping for a display. A specific format that I personally quite appreciate is the 34-inch ultrawide, and it just so happens that Lenovo is coming out with a new model for 2021: The ThinkVision P34w-20.

This display is an office-focussed model, aiming to give you plenty of real estate with good sharpness and great color accuracy. As such, the panel has a 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution (the standard for a 34-inch ultrawide), along with a color calibration that notes a Delta-E (difference from real) of under 2 — the benchmark for being suitable for professional photo and video editing work.

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The panel used is of the IPS type, giving it a color space coverage equivalent to 99% of sRGB. That’s not huge by many today’s standards, but it’s plenty adequate for most use cases and most digital work is done in the sRGB space anyway. Meanwhile, a very light 3800R (radius) curve is present, giving the panel a modern feel.

the P34w’s connectivity options make it very interesting for use with notebooks

The refresh rate is set at a bog-standard 60Hz, typical brightness at 300 nits, with response times at 4ms in extreme mode or 6ms in normal mode and a 1000:1 contrast ratio — clearly, a panel focused on office work and not gaming performance.

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All that being said, its raw specs aren’t what make the ThinkVision P34w a sweet deal — rather, it comes with 100W power delivery over its USB-C port, it can act as a docking station for your notebook, and it has a KVM switch built in for switching between systems.

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Meanwhile, Lenovo is also outing its ThinkPad Thunderbolt 4 Workstation dock, which comes with a staggering 300W power supply, making it ideal for use with multiple notebooks. It’s also among the first cabled docks with Intel’s AMT (Active Management Technology) for advanced security in protected corporate environments.

Pricing for the ThinkVision P34w is set at $899 with availability slated for fall, whereas the TB4 dock will land for $419.

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