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LG’s new UltraFine OLED Pro monitors include hardware-based calibration

LG’s UltraFine OLED Pro monitor is one of the few OLED monitors you can buy, but LG is adding two more options to the line that will be available in 2022.

In addition to offering stunning display panels, these new monitors will come with hardware and software calibration tools, making them ideally suited for creative work.

LG's latest UltraFine OLED Pro monitor comes with a detachable calibration tool.
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Videographers and digital artists using the new 27- and 32-inch UltraFine OLED Pro monitors will benefit from a color accurate display that supports a wide color space. Both the 32-inch UltraFine OLED Pro 32BP95E and 27-inch 27BP95E come with 4K UHD resolution displays that support a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

The panels also come with OLED Pixel Dimming HDR technology and support HDR400 for inkier blacks and richer color rendition. These screens are capable of supporting 99% of the wide DCI-P3 color space, as well as the AdobeRGB color space for professional workflows. LG claims that response time is as low as 1ms, though the company did not give specifications for refresh rates.

Like UltraFine displays before it, the latest UltraFine OLED Pros can connect to your laptop via USB-C for display and power delivery, with a maximum power delivery of 90 watts. You can also connect to the monitor via HDMI, as there are two HDMI ports on the monitor.

New to the UltraFine OLED Pro this year is a removable hardware color calibration tool to ensure that your monitor remains color accurate over time. LG is also bundling its LG Calibration Studio software to help with calibration. The bundled hood can also be used to help reduce glares and reflections when using the monitor.

LG's new UltraFine OLED Pro monitor provides easy ergonomic adjustments.
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“Designed with creative professionals in mind, our new UltraFine OLED Pro monitors deliver sheer visual precision with stunning self-lit picture quality and reliable calibration,” said Seo Young-jae, senior vice president and head of the IT business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company, in a press release announcing the launch of the latest UltraFine displays. “The incredible accuracy, wide color gamut, and ability to faithfully reproduce both HDR and SDR content make these premium display solutions ideal for professional users working in the film and digital media industries.”

Like other members of the UltraFine family, the displays maintain a simple, thin, and minimalist profile. The bundled stand provides adjustments for height, pivot ,and tilt with just a single click, making it easy to position the display for ergonomic work. Coders can even rotate the monitor to portrait mode as well.

Both monitors will be available starting in January, though LG did not provide details on pricing. For comparison, LG’s first OLED monitor launched earlier this year and retailed for $3,999.

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