Logitech Cranks up Laptop Sound

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Laptop speakers are pretty dismal. No matter how “good” your manufacturer claims its laptop’s speakers are, they still probably sound like tin cans once you turn them up loud enough to hear over a whisper. It’s easy enough to fix this problem with ordinary computer speakers, but Logitech introduced a new solution on Tuesday aimed specifically at laptop users.

Logitech’s AudioHub plugs into a notebook’s USB port to deliver 2.1 channel audio and function as a USB hub with three additional ports on the back. Its low 3.5-inch tall profile make it appropriate for settings where traditional computer speakers might be unwelcome, like the living room. You probably won’t be throwing any floor-shaking parties with the AudioHub, but Logitech claims the three-chamber speaker system creates balanced sound with clear highs and solid lows – which is certainly more than can be said for the speakers it will likely replace.

The AudioHub will hit store shelves in the beginning of October in the United States and Europe, with a retail price of $99.99.