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Mac app store could be here next week

Mac App StoreSteve Jobs started the Mac App Store discussion in October, at the Back to Mac event. Since then, there’s been little mention of it until this week. Possibly trying to take advantage of the remaining holiday shopping season, rumor has it that Apple will release the long-awaited digital store on December 13.

AppleTell’s inside sources are also claiming that the Cupertino giant will be requiring finished products from app developers by December 6 (yes, today) and that “Apple is targeting a Monday, December 13 launch of the Mac App Store.” AppleTell also reports that Jobs wanted complete apps and a launch for the store today, but odds are the true introduction is a few days away. Still, it sounds like a date is in flux and any day now the news could break.

Apple has yet to confirm a launch date for the Mac App Store, but all things are pointing toward an early release ahead of schedule since Jobs originally claimed the Mac App Store would open in “90 days,” the end of January. But Apple began accepting apps from developers over a month ago, and from the sounds of it that process is quickly drawing to a close.

Apple and News Corp are slated for a news event the 9, so be on the watch for a host of Apple announcements in the near future.

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