Master of Orion returns with reboot

In a world where reaching into the past to re-imagine games of yore with contemporary aesthetics and OS support is seen as an homage rather than a cash grab, it should come as no surprise that 4X classic Master of Orion (MoO), is also set to be rebooted. Initially released by MicroProse as a space-age companion for Civilisation, MoO was a 4X game that set the bar for turn-based strategy in the cosmos and now it’s making its triumphant return.

The IP is currently owned by Wargaming, publisher of the World of (insert nearly any vehicle of war here) franchises, which is bankrolling this classic remake for modern audiences to enjoy. Working with some of the original developers to re-imagine their vision is NGD Studios, which is an interesting choice considering that NGD is best known for its mobile developments; though it did put out a few RTS titles in the 90s.

The reboot will ignore the sequels and focus entirely on the original game, updating its visuals and user interface to take into consideration what has been learned about both in the two-plus decades since MoO was released.

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We’ve also been promised a new score from the original composer, David Govett, and a new voice-over that, as per Ars, will feature “well known actors.” Judging by how well that turned out with Destiny however, let’s just hope that turns out to be a good thing.

They won’t just be retouching the original game, however, as there will be some upgrades. We’re told that there will be 13 races rather than 10, and over 100 solar systems with unique stars to explore. While we have yet to hear anything in the form of a release date or platform plans, it seems likely that the PC will be its first port of call, though the game may well appear on consoles too at some point.

For those who can’t wait, the original and its sequel are up on GoG for just a few dollars.