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Edge browser joins the drag-and-drop revolution

Microsoft Edge Browser
One of the cooler features of modern browsers is the ability to drag and drop files into various parts of various tabs, making the whole Web browsing experience much like a desktop one. It makes it more accessible for the less Web-savvy and means you don’t necessarily have to find a file again in a new upload window.

For some reason though, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer replacement, Edge, doesn’t support that function, despite other browsers doing so for a while. Fortunately then for those that moved over to the new Windows 10 browser, developers have announced that it’s a feature they’re working on and we can expect to see soon, as per Winbeta.

@keller_josiah Yes! In development as we speak #AskMSEdge

— Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) September 16, 2015

Asked and answered as part of a developer Q&A session, this was just one of several revelations that came to light, with many members of the press and users praising Microsoft for its interactions with users and the fact that it appears to be listening to feedback.

Another announcement revealed that the Edge browser would also be appearing on Xbox One, further unifying the platforms that appear to be gradually melding together to create one singular gaming and working environment.

However the Edge browser isn’t quite ready for that big time yet, and indeed, compared to other browsers, can feel a little feature-light. Microsoft is fully aware of this though, and has made it clear it’s building a brand new system from the ground up, which, for those who had become disillusioned with Internet Explorer over the years, is probably a good thing.

It’s not clear when the newly announced features will be coming to Edge, though we may start to see one or two of them in the next update.

Have you started using Microsoft’s new browser? What do you think so far?

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