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New Surface Book and Surface Pro machines may not be coming this spring

Surface Book Pro
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
Industry pundits have predicted for quite some time now that Microsoft would be introducing new Surface Book and Surface Pro models sometime this spring. In fact, many have expected a spring hardware event in the same vein as Microsoft’s October events where machines like the Surface Book and Surface Studio were introduced.

As it turns out, that might not be happening. While new Surface machines are expected at some point, that might not be happening so soon, as ZDNet’s Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley reports.

In fact, Microsoft hasn’t announced a “spring hardware event” of any kind so far. And if there is an event, as sources have told Foley there will be, it’s possible that it could focus mostly on Windows 10 Creators Update. If it’s indeed a hardware event, then it’s unclear what hardware Microsoft will show off.

As Foley puts it, “Recently, however, I’ve heard from a couple of contacts that Surface Book 2 is not going to be announced here … I’m not sure whether Surface Pro 5 will debut at the still-unannounced spring hardware launch either.” The reasoning behind the lack of new Surface Book variant appears to be simply a delay in finishing the machine, and recent rumors of Microsoft pivoting the Surface Book away from the 2-in-1 form factor also seems to be unlikely.

Furthermore, Microsoft could be aiming for the stars with the next Surface iteration. The company has a number of split-screen and foldable tablet patents in the works, and so perhaps it’s going to be introducing something that creates another new market segment. Certainly, Microsoft has had a habit lately of using Surface primarily to drive innovation in the Windows 10 PC ecosystem in entirely new directions.

In any case, it’s seeming less likely as time goes on that we’ll be seeing a new Surface Book early in 2017, and a new Surface Pro 5 is also unlikely. Microsoft has done a great job of keeping such things secret, however, and so anything’s possible. Creators Update is expected to roll out on April 11, 2017, however, and so if Microsoft is going to schedule any kind of event that leverages the new update, then the firm will need to send out invitations soon.

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