The latest Windows Insider build promises quests, adventure, and bug fixes

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In the run-up to the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft has launched a November Bug Bash for Windows Insiders. If you’re unfamiliar, a Microsoft Bug Bash is a weeklong event during which members of the Windows Insiders program team up to discover and take down bugs lurking in different corners of Windows 10.

Insiders will be able to use the internal Feedback Hub to choose a number of “Quests,” which will lead them to perform tasks like testing the Windows Subsystem for Linux, or use Microsoft Edge for web browsing. Using familiar MMO terminology, Microsoft has spiced up what is essentially just a standard bug hunt.

Any bugs that pop up during those quests are reported to Microsoft whose engineering team will be working overtime to, well, bash them.

Unfortunately, the focus on the November Bug Bash means this latest Insider Build won’t feature much in the way of new functionality, instead it provides users a way to help out with the Windows 10 development process. Not quite as fun as running an instance in World of Warcraft, but a little more productive.

Luckily, if you’re a bug-hunting aficionado, this latest Bug Bash likely won’t be the last before the Windows Creators Update goes live early next year. According to MS Power User, we could see at least two more forays into the bug-infested depths of Windows 10.

It’s no surprise that the the upcoming Creators Update will be the focus of the Windows Insider program in the coming months, as Microsoft gets it ready for prime time. Instead of testing incremental updates, Insiders will help shape the next major update for Windows 10.

The Creators Update will reportedly feature a revamped Paint app, and many other features tailor-made for creative professionals. We first saw the update teased at Microsoft’s event in late October, which saw the introduction of the Surface Studio.

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