Microsoft offering students free Xbox 360 with new PCs

videogame sales slump further in august but xbox 360 is king

Microsoft is offering a special deal to students as they head in to summer break—and maybe start thinking about gearing up for school in the fall: students with a .edu email address who buy a new PC for $699 or more are eligible to receive a free 4 GB Xbox 360 from Microsoft, no questions asked. The offer is available via Microsoft’s online store as well as Dell and HP’s online stores. Alternatively, students can present a valid student ID at Best Buy or Microsoft’s own retail stores to qualify for the promotion.

The promotion starts May 22 and runs through September 3, although Microsoft warns end dates will vary by retailer and the promotion will only run while supplies last. Microsoft also plans to launch the promotion soon in France and Canada. The offer is good on any PC over $699 offered by participating retailers, although Microsoft of course has a few specific systems it recommends for students.

Microsoft’s 4 GB version of the Xbox 360 console typically retails for $200; it comes with a wired Xbox controller and features integrated Wi-Fi for connecting to an existing broadband Internet connection. Folks who want more storage can buy a separate external hard drive for the Xbox 360; folks who want an Xbox Live Gold membership will also have to pay for that separately. The 4GB Xbox 360 can also be used with Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller system…also available separately.