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The Mobicase is a laptop bag that doubles as a mobile desk

mobicase laptop case rw mobi 9725a
As they get ever thinner and ever lighter, today’s laptops are also becoming more mobile than ever. But all that mobility is not very useful if operating a laptop away from a desk is something of a chore. After all, your lap isn’t the most ergonomic place for your computer, and with all the heat your machine exudes, it’s certainly not very comfortable either. Enter the Mobicase, a new minimalistic laptop bag that not only serves as a carrying case for your laptop, but a mobile desk as well. Because if you’re taking your laptop anywhere you go, you ought to be able to use it, too.

Featuring an ergonomic laptop stand that is actually built into the case itself, the Mobicase’s workstation is height adjustable up to eight inches. This, the team says, relieves users of back pain, and can also help to improve posture. Plus, the stand allows for maximum airflow, so you don’t have to worry about your machine overheating. Even with the stand, the Mobicase is lightweight, so all you really have to worry about is the heft of your laptop itself.

Furthermore, this laptop case has a slash-proof, high-density EVA rubber shell with shock protection, as well as DWR-coated water-resistant fabric. That means you can feel safe about bringing the Mobicase and its contents just about anywhere you’d like. Plus, a second compression-molded EVA interior sleeve provides additional protection for your tablet device, or can double as a letter storage compartment. Thanks to the Mobicase’s organizer panel, you can quickly access essentials, like a charger, your phone, or your wallet. There’s also a dedicated wireless keyboard holder and self-closing mesh pockets.

“As the trend toward mobile working continues, we’re seeing workers spending more and more hours hunched over their laptops in cafes, libraries, co-working hubs and airport lounges, adding unnecessary strain to their backs and necks and putting them at risk of injuries and back pain,” said Tim McKenzie, Managing Director at Rovingwork, the company behind Mobicase. “This is why we’ve created the Mobicase, to help people stay organised and work effectively, without damaging their back/neck, no matter where their work takes them.”

The Mobicase comes in two sizes — the 13-inch case is available for pre-order starting at $89, while the 16-inch version is available for $94.

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