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Snooze tabs and report issues with two new Firefox experimental features

mozilla introduces snoozetabs and pulse experimental firefox features test pilot
Mozilla introduced a Firefox Test Pilot program in May 2016 to give brave users early access to experimental features. Much like with Microsoft’s Windows Insider and other programs, joining the Firefox Test Pilot program lets users try out and provide feedback on features that will eventually make their way to everyone.

It has released two new experimental features that are aimed at making it easier to come back to interesting material later and let Mozilla engineers know about problematic sites. Mozilla covered the details of the new features, SnoozeTabs and Pulse, respectively, in a post on their blog.

SnoozeTabs is aimed at overcoming the fact that we often come across just the perfect bit of information on the internet at exactly the wrong time. The new feature lets users time shift browser tabs, mark them as important, and set a specific time and date for them to reappear.

In order to use SnoozeTabs,  just hit the snooze button in the top right corner and then select a time and date for when you’d like to receive a reminder to bring back the tab. You can select from a list of times, or set the specifics yourself. Snoozed tabs can be managed from the same menu.

The new Pulse feature is focused on making Firefox a better browser. Using Pulse, users can rate the browser’s performance on a given site, letting the Mozilla engineering team know which sites work well with Firefox and which work poorly. To use Pulse, just click on the Pulse button in the address field and answer the questions that pop up.

If you want to test out these features, you need to be signed up for the Test Pilot program. You can do that here, but note that the program is available in English only. Like all such preview programs, you’ll want to keep in mind that the experimental features can cause issues, and the Test Pilot program makes it easy to turn these features on and off as you like.

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