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MSI launches super-efficient, snow-white GTX 950s

msi gtx 950 power needs msicards
As much as we all might love to fill our systems with quad-Titan GPUs, the realities of our bank balances and energy bills would have something to say about that. You can get some decent power without much power draw, though, as is evidenced by the latest releases from the likes of MSI, which has a pair of Nvidia GTX 950s that don’t even need that additional 6-pin PCIE power connector.

Indeed the pair of single- and dual-fan cards draw only 75 watt of power, much like the recently debuted ASUS GTX 950s. This represents a 15 watt drop from the original GTX 950, so it’s not clear if all of these cards are using a new GPU to make this possible, as even Nvidia is remaining quiet on that point. Regardless, these cards do not require much in the way of power.

But they should be able to deliver a fair amount of it. The core is clocked at 1,076MHz and Turbos up to 1,253MHz as and when required. The GPU itself is paired up with 2GB of RAM, which while not likely to set the world ablaze, should be more than enough for low-end gaming and media viewing.

The two different versions of MSI’s new card are practically identical, with the only real difference being the cooler. The OCV2 model uses a single fan over the aluminium heatsink, while the OCV3 pairs that with a second fan and an extended heatsink for better cooling. That set up should be quieter during operation and may even allow for some additional overclocking if you’re of a mind to give it a try.

While neither of these cards are going to make it possible to play the latest AAA games at 4K, they are a good pick for a budget gaming rig paired with a 1080p monitor. Would you make use of one of these in any of your setups?

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