New Logitech Wireless Touchpad gives PC users Apple-like touch control

new logitech wireless touchpad gives pc users apple like touch control

For several years now, Apple users have had all the fun when it comes to touch control with integrated trackpads that use intuitive gestures and the Magic Trackpad that was released just about a year ago. Based on recent previews of Windows 8, we can definitely say that Microsoft is delving more into touch, and Logitech has released a corresponding product just in time. The Logitech Wireless Touchpad ($50) brings the intuitive and fun nature of the Magic Trackpad to PC users, albeit in a slightly less attractive package. 

The Touchpad does give users up to five inches of space to click, scroll, swipe, and even pinch-zoom to their hearts’ delight. One finger will move the cursor, two will allow for scrolling, three will swipe horizontally, and four fingers moved horizontally will let you switch applications. The Touchpad does include a right and left physical clicker for ease of use. The device runs on two AA batteries but can go for up to four months without needing a battery change, which isn’t bad if you ask us.

Perhaps most importantly, the Touchpad is completely wireless. Not only will this help PC users get the same clean-lined and cordless desktop look as Apple fiends, but it amounts to less hassle all around. A tiny unifying wireless receiver stays in your PC and will work with wireless keyboards or other accessories in the same port, no need to use multiple USB slots. It appears that there will be some customization of the Touchpad available, but it’s unclear whether that will only allow for adjusting sensitivity or if Logitech has something more exciting up their sleeves. The Wireless Touchpad is currently available for pre-order.