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Pre-order your new Surface Pen today, and it will arrive with your Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pen 2017
Kyle Wiggers/Digital Trends
Microsoft introduced the new Surface Pro detachable tablet at its most recent hardware event in Shanghai. The new machine offers a nice update to the Surface Pro 4, along with a couple of new accessories including an upgraded Microsoft Pen and a new Signature Type Cover.

The new Surface Pen grabbed some attention during the event for significantly increasing the specifications of Microsoft’s active stylus, with higher precision and a faster response. Now, Microsoft has made the new Surface Pen available for pre-order, On MSFT reports.

In terms of capabilities, the new Surface Pen now supports up to 4,096 pressure points for enhanced precision that is four times better than the previous Surface Pen. It is also incredibly fast, with 21ms of latency that was the world’s fastest prior to Apple’s announcement of its own revised Pencil that offers 20ms. What this means in practice is that the experience is now more a real pen on paper, with virtually no lag when putting the Surface Pen tip to new Surface Pro’s screen and drawing or writing.

In addition, the new Surface Pen offers tilt functionality for even more realistic strokes. This feature is available first on the new Surface Pro and will be making its way to the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 via software updates at some point in the future.

Finally, the new Surface Pen also offers some visual flair, coming in four colors including platinum, black, burgundy, and cobalt blue. This matches the colors available on the new Signature Type Cover and the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse.

Another area where the new Surface Pen exceeds its predecessor is in price, which is a hefty $100. It is available for pre-order today with an expected release date of June 15. That matches the new Surface Pro, which is the first of Microsoft’s detachable tablets to be introduced without the pen included. It is a natural fit, though, and you will want to set aside an extra Benjamin when budgeting your new Surface Pro.

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