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NexDock laptop shell for smartphones raises $300K

nexdock laptop shell for smartphones raises 300k
The NexDock, a device that aims to turn your smartphone into a fully fledged laptop, has successfully met its crowdfunding goal on IndieGogo. The campaign, which launched back in February, has managed the $300,000 stipulated to make the project a reality from some 2,000 backers.

Described as “revolutionary” by its creators, the NexDock is designed to make your smartphone a little bit more functional while you’re on the move. iPhones and Android devices can connect via its mini HDMI port or wireless adapter to allow users to take advantage of a 14-inch screen and a physical keyboard.

However, it’s phones running Windows 10 that can make the most of the NexDock’s capabilities. Taking full advantage of the Continuum functionality introduced by Microsoft last year, the accessory makes it easy to switch from using your device as a typical smartphone to implementing it as a convenient replacement for your laptop.

With nine days left to go before the crowdfunding campaign ends, it seems that a late influx of backers helped save the project from missing its target. Just a week ago, the NexDock was more than $50,000 short of its goal, according to a report from SuperSite for Windows.

Given the ubiquity of smartphones, it’s of little surprise that a device that seems to provide a simple and cost-effective method of turning your smartphone into something capable of typical computing tasks would prove popular. However, it remains to be seen whether the finished product can deliver the desired user experience.

If you’re interested in ordering a NexDock of your own, there’s still time to get in on the crowdfunding campaign. The device is currently available for $130 — which is set to rise to $150 for the product’s retail release — and is expected to ship in June 2016.

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